Footsteps Sermon Slides Week 1.001

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The Sermon on the Mount is an incredible sermon delivered by Jesus to his disciples.  These words were powerful to the original audience and remain powerful to believers today.  The life that Jesus describes is full of power and joy, yet it is rarely seen.  


July 09,17

Footsteps Week 8

The Sermon on the Mount was delivered to Jesus disciples about how the Christian life is different.  Jesus definitely challenged the understanding of the law as he talked about the law.  In Matthew 5:27-32 Jesus challenges us to be pure as we are tempted by sin.


July 02,17

Footsteps Week 7

This Sunday we continue our study of Jesus Sermon on the Mount. Today, we will examine two metaphors that Jesus provides for his disciples.  Jesus calls those who would follow to God to understand that they have been created to be “salt” and “light” to the world in which we live.  When the church lives as salt and light the world benefits.


June 25,17

Footsteps Week 6

Today is a day of celebration, remembrance and commission.  During this mornings service FBC has the privilege of observing the ordinances of baptism and communion.  We also commission our youth for their upcoming mission trip.
This morning our time in God’s Word centers around Jesus words about Gods law in Matthew 5:17-20.


June 4,17

Footsteps Week 5

Today marks the fifth sermon of Jesus preaching known as the  Sermon on the Mount.  The words of Christ that Pastor Steven shares today are often disregarded or misrepresented which can lead to disastrous consequences.  However, when Christ’s words are received as they were intended, these words give corrective benefit to all the Saints of God.  

May 28,17

Footsteps Week 4

The fourth sermon of this series takes place on Memorial Day Weekend.  Pastor Steven continues our study through Jesus Sermon on the Mount.  Todays text is Matthew 6:19-24.  Jesus deals with our hearts as he preaches about what we value and who we belong to.  


May 21,17

Footsteps Week 3

The third sermon of this series takes place Heritage Sunday.  Heritage Sunday is a day that we honor our Sr. Adults in the church.  During the sermon, Pastor Steven preaches from the first 18 verses of Matthew 6. This text challenges believers to live lives of authentic faith that God can reward.  Which will you choose, hypocrisy or authenticity.


May 14,17

Footsteps Week 2

The second sermon of this series takes place Mothers Day.  Pastor Steven preaches from Matthew 6:25-34 about WINNING OVER WORRY.  He provides the audience with five confessions that everyone needs to make.  


May 7,17

Footsteps Week 1

The first sermon of this series takes place during our graduate recognition service.  Pastor Steven preaches from Matthew 7:24-27 about building your life on a firm foundation.  Every life is built on a foundation that will either withstand the storms of life and death, or they will erode and be destoyed.  
Are you building as a wise or foolish person?