Series Synopsis
This sermon series by Pastor Steven Smithson walks us through the events leading us to Christmas.  From the very beginning, God had a plan of redemption and resoration, a key to reconciliation.  The Old Testament points us to the promised Messiah.  
Come journey with us as we make our way to the feet of Jesus.

Week 1

Scripture Passage:  Genesis 3

During this season we often hear the word Messiah.  However, you might be asking what is that and why do I need one.  During this introductory sermon, Pastor Steven will show us our need for the Messiah who we know as Jesus.
Sermon begins at 22:38
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Week 2

Scripture Passage:  1Samuel 17

In the second week of the series titled:  Coming to Christmas, Pastor Steven examines the look of the Messiah.  He would come as our Conquering King who would win the greatest victory over our formidable foe known as sin.  During this week, Pastor Steven teaches us from the Old Testament story of David and Goliath.
Sermon begins at 19:25
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Week 3

Scripture Passage:  Matthew 3 & John 1

We are coming to Christmas at First Baptist Winnfield.  This week, Pastor Steven looks through some of the Old Testament prophecies regarding Jesus and then focuses in on the one that would come as the Herald for the Messiahs ministry.  We will learn about how our lives have the same purpose as John the Baptist.
Sermon begins at 22:22
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Week 4

Scripture Passage:  Matt2, Luke2, 2Corinthians 9:15

Christmas is almost here.  In this sermon, we are looking at the gift exchange that God makes with any one who will trust Him.  Come see the baby in a manger in this traditional Christmas text.
Sermon begins at 22:30
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Week 5

Scripture Passage:  Luke 9:57-62

Throughout this sermon series, we have considered the purpose of Messiah, we have seen a picture of the Messiah, we have heard about the prophecies of Messiah, and then last week, we saw the arrival of the Messiah.  As the series comes to an end, Pastor Steven talks about following the Messiah.
Sermon begins at 13:22
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