Series Synopsis:
Over the past several years, I have come to understand that many people have questions about the Bible that they have never asked.  During this 6 week sereis, we are studying the questions asked by the congregation.  People came asking questions of Jesus all the time.  It is our hope that these questions will lead you to a better understanding of scripture and a more intimate pursuit of Christ.

Week 1

Scripture Passage:  MARK 3:22-30

This morning, Pastor Steven addresses the topic of Suicide and Salvation.  Is suicide the unpardonable sin?  Can God forgive suicide?  Can a believer commit self-murder?  Join us as we examine what the Bible says about this and more.
Sermon begins at 17:24

Week 2

This question is asked with more frequency than ever before in church history. Many churches have changed their stance on homosexuality.  What does the Bible say?  
Sermon begins at 16:44

Week 3

Who were the sons of God in the OT?
Sermon begins at 16:00

Week 4

This sermon from Pastor Steven deals how we received the Bible.
Can I trust the Bible?
What happened in the space between the Old and New Testament?
Why does my friends Bible have different books than my Bible?
Sermon begins at 17:59