Devotional #326, March 8, 2020

Devotional 326

March 8, 2020

“Planning for Spring”


I love to see the very early blooms of Spring…the paper whites, daffodils, tulip magnolia trees.  And every year, I wish I had more of these blooming plants in my yard.  But the reality is, you have to really plan and prepare way ahead of time.  Most of the early flower friends are bulbs, and you have to get bulbs in the ground in October or so, if you want them to bloom in the Spring.  And naturally, I am not really thinking about my Spring garden in the midst of football season, changing leaves, and Halloween?!


Are you a planner?  Do you think way ahead of time?  Or are you like me…a last minute, just in the “nick of time” kind of person?  I wish I would plan ahead better.  I am often just very involved with the pressing situations of the moment, and don’t give much consideration to future needs.  And artistic minds can be very disorganized!


Aren’t we glad that God has plans…plans for His creation, His people, the future?  Aren’t we thankful that He planned for the change in seasons, and that Spring follows the dullness of winter?  That He planned for those early flowers to herald that change?  That the miracle of Easter was set in this time of year…when we see the re-birth of the earth reflected in the resurrection of His Son? And all that was planned even before the beginning of time??  All along He has had plans for us..”for a future and a hope”.  Plans for our salvation, our redemption, our eternity.  And the glorious plans for our future: a new earth, a new existence…an eternity in His presence….Hallelujah!


Even if I don’t plan very well, or think ahead, or get prepared, I am thankful God does.  I can rest, be at peace, live in contentment, knowing that He is in control.  He has it all planned out.  My present, tomorrow, and the days after that.  I can just relax, and learn to smell the flowers….even if they are in someone else’s yard!  


Psalm 20:4  “May He grant you your heart’s desire, and fulfill all your plans”