Devotional #327, March 15, 2020

Devotional 327

March 15, 2020

“Bring the Rain”

With the coming of Spring, also comes “tornado season”.  Every few days, we hear the news of another one touching down, and doing damage to a city or town.  Often the outbreaks contain numerous storms, and the aftermath can be overwhelming, often leading to the loss of life as well as property.

We all experience the “storms of life”.  High winds come in the form of stressful relationships, job loss, illness, temptation, separation from God, even the current corona virus epidemic.   “In this world you will have trouble, but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world”, stated Jesus.  John 16:33  Christians can expect adversity.  We are not shielded by our faith from the hardships of life.  But we can persevere during such times.  Our God can provide us with the strength and strong roots that will keep us from being uprooted.  If we keep our spirits pure, and free of disease, we are better able to withstand the high winds.    We can also be assured that God can use us and bless us when we use what we learn from adversity.  Good can come out of our experiences, especially when we use them to bring glory to God.

The group, Mercy Me, has recorded a song, “Bring the Rain”, that illustrates this concept. 

“I can count a million times people asking me how I can praise You with all that I’ve gone through.

The question just amazes me: can circumstances possibly change who I am forever in You?

Maybe since my life was changed long before these rainy days, it’s never really ever crossed my mind, 

To turn my back on you, O Lord, my only shelter from the storm.

But instead I draw closer through these times, so I pray:

Bring me joy, bring me peace, 

Bring the chance to be free.

Bring me anything that brings you glory. 

And I know there’ll be days

When this life brings me pain, 

But if that’s what it takes to praise you, 

Jesus, bring the rain.”  


So, if you are experiencing a little rain, some high winds, and some tornadoes in your life, seek shelter from the only one who can bring you peace, and the chance to be free.  If you are experiencing fear and panic because of this worldwide pandemic, have faith that God can sustain you, and heal you.   Reach out to Jesus, and let him help you “overcome the world”.