Devotional #328, March 22, 2020

Devotional 328

March 22, 2020


There doesn’t seem to be much to rejoice about lately.  This pandemic situation has affected everyone…maybe not health wise, but socially, economically, financially, spiritually.  Fear is rampant.  Mis-trust of each other; flagrant self-centered hoarding of supplies; qualities that drive us apart instead of together.  As Christians, we are supposed to help each other…but this situation makes that almost impossible.  We cannot visit the elderly; we must avoid hugs and handshakes, and even our sacred worship services must be viewed from home on our TVs and computers.  A very strange time indeed.

I listened to Tim Tebow give his devotional the other day.  He was echoing the same thoughts.  But he had just read the passage in Romans where Paul says, ” Rejoice in your hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”  Romans 12:12  And Tim was struggling with the word “rejoice”.  

He went on to say that we don’t use that word much these days.  So, as he studied further, he came across a commentary that explained the word this way:  Rejoice- “to exhibit confidence in”.  This definition was much more applicable.  He might not be able to “rejoice” in the current situation, but he could exhibit confidence in God to work through it for good.  

So, as we continue to face the uncertainty of the next few weeks, I am going to remember this verse, and repeat it daily.  I will need to exhibit confidence in the hope I have in Jesus Christ, to be patient as I deal with day to day trials, and most of all, pray constantly.  I know that will help me cope with all that is going on.  So, as Christians, we may be limited in what we can actually do, but we can always pray.  And be patient.  And express to those we can be around, our confident hope that God will accomplish His will and His goodness through even this predicament.  So, why not Rejoice!