Satellite180 is a new option for youth to do Bible study together through their cell phones during the week. Our Leadership Students are pairing up and sending out group texts of the current series we’re in. Their goal is to keep our parish youth connected to God’s Word while reaching out and leading with integrity! If you’d like to join a group please text Tyson @ (318) 209-8840 with your name, grade, and school and he’ll get you plugged in.
Youth Group AT HOME is a live-streamed Bible Study and worship experience for teenagers. It presents a 4 week series from Paul’s letter to the Colossians taught by YM360 Co-founder Andy Blanks. The Colossians found themselves in a chaotic world where everything was turned upside down (sound familiar?). Into this chaos, Paul spoke Jesus! There is no better message at a time like this than to focus on what it means to live a Christ-centered life. Follow the link below to watch previous sessions or plan to tune in Wednesday to watch it live!
Youth Sunday School through Zoom is on the way! This will allow our youth to meet remotely and remain connected first and foremost to our great God and also to each other! More info coming soon!

Online Mission Project

We have something exciting we want you to be a part of! We’re going to be a part of the first ever ONLINE MISSION PROJECT! Anyone can participate! It starts this Sunday, April 5th, and ends on Easter Sunday, April 12th. This is a digital/home mission project where we will engage our own spheres of influence with the Gospel! The Coronavirus pandemic has created tremendous opportunity to talk to people about life and eternity. Let’s not let it pass us by! Get ready to be on mission from home!

Family Worship Guide

Although we’re physically isolated, we have a God who is bigger than our circumstances! We may be sheltering in place, but we can still connect with God and each other! We want you to join with us in using our Family Worship Guide. For 30 days, it gives you a passage of scripture to read, questions to answer, and a worship song to listen to or sing along with! You can do this by yourself, with your siblings, or your whole family! Though our daily lives have stalled in a sense, let’s not let our spiritual lives stagnate. Let’s worship together!